30 de junho de 2006

Back from the road.

We arrived yesterday in the current stay of our's in the Netherlands, in Breda. My phone was lost in the car for so long time, I could not let you guys know, that we are not taking the road back to Coimbra this time. But we both - Lobo (now the true name form whom you knew as Bert) and me descided to come back no matter what... So let us know, when and what we could come for.

From my part? This trip has given me a good grownd to go on. The puzzle was put together. I have a clear vision of what I have to do, with what I am. So I wish, I would have learned more Portugese, while I was there. But I quess, this what I have in mind will be understood also in the languages I speak already - where ever my road takes me to do it. At least I'm really concidering leaving this continent for a while. Find the people who can help me with my goals and give me the freedom of creation, I long for. It is not that I would not have it already or that I would look for some adventures. My travels just have teached me about my reason. You had a great role in it. Thank you again for everything!

I'm really hoping to see you soon. Might even be somewhere I invite you...
But lets see about that. We have all the time we take.

Get Skype, so we can exchange movies and music. Im still looking for that song I mentioned. And I know that in Coimbra there is lot of music that I would like to listen more to. Maybe I have something for your collection too...

Have fun!

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