10 de setembro de 2006

Festinha com muita comidinha!

Mega dinner in Rosette with our friends from Italy, Belgium and Holland!

Like we always do, once again we found a good excuse not to study. We've been delighted with the great Sicilian banquet made by our three Hospitality Club's guests from Catania, Sicily.
It was a damn crazy night! A lot of music and the help of our red "friend" from Monsaraz kept us rolling with high spirit all night long.
Already outside, with a big foggy moon over our heads, we passed by the stairs of Quebra Costas and next to the spot marked by the "X" followed by a nice trip to the fiume Mondego. We were just at the right time and at the right place to see the train passing by the avenue and gives a good honk! (I don´t think we're allucinating, yet)
On the way back home nobody lost it's path thanks to the AbrazzoTerapia that kept us warm and high.
On the foto from left to right: Eva, Nunzia, Dalila, Pipa, Sofia, Gonçalo, Valentina, João, Cettina, André, Brian and Fil.

Baci mille a tutti!

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Anónimo disse...

olás! que bom que o hospitality continua funcionando! fui a irlanda de couchsurfing pensando que era nisso que vocês estavam... foi ótimo na mesma! filipa e joão, precisamos combinar que vou-me embora de coimbra! beijos!