25 de março de 2009

Pillow fight - Coimbra

For the first time in Coimbra an event that pillows will never forget: more than 100 people joined in one of the city gardens, Jardim da Sereia, to let go all the rage acumulated from each personal frustrations or just for fun. Integrated in the 110th celebration of Queima das Fitas, the famous student festival, the pillows were gathered and smashed into other people's faces.

The special Rosette news reporter was there to evidence the massacre of what was once many confortable and fluffy pillows... As far as we know nobody was harmed during the confrontations, even though we can't say the same for the poor pillows whose "guts" were flying all over the place as everyone can see on the above photo and on the video below.

We would like to thank the youtube community for sharing this video footage with the rest of the world.

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